Rub Elbows with Former NFL Greats and Meet the Founding Management Team of the San Diego Warriors™.

Do you want to learn more about the FFL Movement and become an equity owner of the San Diego Warriors™? Are you an accredited investor? If yes, please send us your contact information and someone from San Diego’s management team will be in touch with you directly at two upcoming events in the area in January.

The San Diego Warriors™ management team invite you to join them at a private, invitation-only prospective owner event in San Diego for accredited investors only. You get the chance to visit in person with CEO Byron Chamberlain, a two-time Super Bowl Champion tight end and four-time NFL Pro-Bowl quarterback, Jeff Garcia. We plan to also have other special surprise guests from the FFL that will be there to share why they joined the FFL Movement and answer all your questions.

Date & Time:
Event #1: January 17, 2019 La Jolla
Event #2: January 31, 2019 Pacific Gate
Event #3: February 7, 2019 (TBD)

Location: Pacific Gate, San Diego. Exact details to be shared for confirmed guests.

Dress: Business Casual

Cocktails and Lite Dinner Will be Served

San Diego Warriors™ Accredited Investors Presentation

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