This is Not a Moment, it's a Movement.

What began as a moment where former NFL players began re-imagining and re-thinking the ownership structure of professional football has evolved into a movement. In a league owned by fans and players together, this movement profoundly and boldly replaces the exploitative power dynamic between owners and players and revolutionizes the relationship between fans and the teams they root for. Billionaire owners have for too long put their wealth and greed ahead of the health and safety of the men on the field. And more recently, the voices and free will of players as humans has been thwarted and stifled. Players who speak out against societal injustices that plague our nation are punished by a power structure threatened to admit the truth.

Fighting Institutionalized Racism Through Unity

Both organized collegiate football and current professional football represent an exploitative remnant of a plantation system that benefit the few and the rich at the expense of the poor and the many. Fans subsidize disloyal ownership by building palatial stadiums and paying bloated prices for tickets, concessions, and merchandise for the privilege to cheer for a team that reciprocates that loyalty no better than feudal lords who unfairly tax their subjects.

Billionaires Not Welcome

The Freedom Football League has erupted on the scene to change all of this, and it starts with one permanent promise, and strategic advantage that will guarantee its success: Billionaires not welcome. All teams will be owned by an alliance of fans and players together, as true owners and committed business partners with harmoniously aligned economic incentives coming together to build a league that can bring economic opportunity and unity for all.

FFL Pillars

Economic Justice

Establishing economic justice via financial incentives through joint ownership and further eliminating financial exploitation and profiteering to the benefit of the few at the expense of many

Players at the Center

Ensuring players receive permanent and reliable holistic health and wellness support on and off the field, seeking to avoid physical and financial exploitation that is commonplace in both collegiate and professional football today

Reimagining the Game Experience

Reimagining the game for fans by creating a new spectator experience that leverages technology and embraces innovation, while simultaneously eliminating price-gouging to make loyalty and game-attendance affordable again

Voice and Causes Encouraged under the 1st First Amendment

Amplifying the voice(s) of athletes by relentlessly pursuing unity and encouraging athletes to address society’s challenges relating to social justice, wealth disparity, health and wellness, and more hot-button issues they are passionate about