FFL Western Conference

Oklahoma City Power

The fans in OKC are like no other as they stand up until their team scores. But that is basketball. In a region rich with natural gas and oil, it is no secret that the energy industry powers the economy. The FFL intends to spread that wealth and reward the fans for their commitment, as the Oklahoma Power will trailblaze a new team in a region known for some of the greatest, winningest college football. The Freedom Football league welcomes the OKC team into the league and gives the Power to the people.

Portland Progress

A hotbed for progressive thought and home to pioneering exploration, Portland has long been a bastion of free speech, a right which has been stolen from pro football players. Taking back the power and right to free expression and encouraging understanding through open discourse, the Progress will bring football to a city known for its sold-out sporting events and loyal, energized fan base. As an innovator in sports as the home to Nike and leading technology companies, along with innovative football play, the city is poised for forward progress with the Progress as a founding team in the league.

Austin Revolution

Many would argue that Texas is the greatest football state in the country with its Friday night lights, historic college teams, six-man football, and community commitment to the sport. From the battle of the Alamo to its history of independence, Texans proudly wave their state flag with reverence for its traditions and legacy. The FFL welcomes a new type of Revolution to the state as the passionate football fans can truly be a part of history and bring together the people of this great state with a team that is committed to the community, and owned by the community.

Oakland Panthers

As the birthplace of the Black Panther Movement of the 1960s, and a founding battleground for racial justice, there is a proud tradition of equality and power that explodes from Oakland. Known for producing some of the most fanatical football die-hards in the land and on the brink of losing its NFL team for a second time, the people of Oakland deserve a team that appreciates and reciprocates the loyalty, energy and support of the fans and community.

FFL Eastern Conference

Ohio Players

Ohio boasts a proud tradition of statewide football excellence celebrated by being the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Preceding the existence of the NFL, Fritz Pollard pioneered the sport for black athletes and coaches as the first black man in both roles for the Akron Pros. It was decades until the NFL lifted racial discrimination, and still no African Americans own pro football teams---until now, with the FFL. With reverence for those greats who have played in Ohio and with a not-so-subtle nod to a legendary Dayton funk band, we welcome the Ohio Players to the FFL.

Florida Strong

A groundswell of awareness has awoken the people of Florida to rethink its priorities in the aftermath of mass shootings and menacing hurricanes. The leadership of the state and population is also shifting with its ever-increasing diversity. Through the strength of this diversity and in a state historically known for football powerhouses and a passion for the game, the Freedom Football League welcomes the Florida Strong as a founding team bringing a new brand of ownership and unity to the people of the Sunshine State.

Birmingham Kings

Known as ground zero for the civil rights movement, Birmingham is a natural origin for a team whose league stands for equality, unity, and freedom. Alabama has given birth to and cultivated some of the greatest unpaid football players who have ever played the game; and now is ready for a world-class professional team. In the state where Dr. King preached, and where Rosa Parks sat, Birmingham epitomizes the style and substance of the league, and endeavors to make the Kings a shining example of what is possible both on and off the field.

St. Louis Independence

Ever since a billionaire owner tried unsuccessfully to make the people of St. Louis foot the bill for a new stadium causing a move to Los Angeles, St. Louis has been devoid of pro football yet again. The Independence bring the gridiron back to a city with a proud sports history and a recognized breeding ground for top talent in the heartland of college football. With Ferguson as a lightning rod awakening a new civil rights movement, the FFL is proud to welcome St. Louis into this league of freedom and independence.

Connecticut Underground

New England is widely known as the birthplace of our nation’s founding vision against tyranny and oppression; it has produced visionary thinkers and leadership who fought the first American Revolution and won the Civil War. The region has six states, with the only major professional sports in Boston. Yet, there is a rich tradition of high school and college football. Now as fans and players join together, Connecticut will be a landmark home for one the founding teams of the Freedom Football League - The Underground.